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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bounded to Boundless

Boundaries and borders: the implication is that what’s on this side of the border is different than what’s
on the other side.” Without borders” is the basic premise of unity. Demolish borders, and different
becomes the same. That is when one finds oneself boundless.

Not everything that is different (than you) is threatening, but granted, everything that is threatening
is very different than you. Make it the same and the threat disappears. That is the most basic motive
behind building empires. The more you expand your borders the less threatening the world is.

Yet, the world is infinite. The problem with expansion through “borders inflation” is that in an infinite,
boundless world, regardless of how much you expand, there is still an infinite that remains to be

Absolute expansion cannot be accomplished through any quantifiable expansion.

What is required is a qualitative change. From bound to unbound to boundless.

© Copyright Adrian Preda, M.D.


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Anonymous said...

This is relates to schizophrenia in my mind. If you hold on to your character after a period of time the likeness of the voices is more like your own personality.