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Monday, August 13, 2012

to Charge ahead Relentless to Cross that Finish Line

to you 
fellow Olympians
we say

this rare
in this day and age
opportunity to witness 

explain this to me

in the 400 relay
 I cheered 
for a man with artificial legs rather than for my home team  
Or do you know that I got misty eyes 
when I learnt about women 
for the first time 
in the history of a country 
with countrymen mad at a woman bravery

My wife pointed to me 
that I would choose to rewind some
to see a flawless performance leading to gold
perfection matters

but then I would rewind
time and again
time and again
to see an athlete 
fall or fault

how cruel she said
you like to see them down

No I said
I like to see them fly

stand up
with Fiery eyes 
pursed lips 
clenched jaws
gushing blood out of open wounds
time and again
time and again
to Charge ahead
to Cross that Finish Line

to give a heartfelt hug 
to say
"well done" 
and mean it
to those
who took away
your children's chance to chant
the Medal song

spine shattered
spirit unbroken
still  bowing graciously
like sunshine in the rain

smiling with eyes
full of tears 
of pain

not for a medal 
but just
to cross that finish line

to you 
Olympian Gods
descended upon us
once in four years
I bow

I raise my cup


© Copyright Adrian Preda, M.D.

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