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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Exercising Your Brain

Latest news: I am going to start posting on brain - related subjects on SharpBrains - you can now see my first post, on physical exercise and the brain @... well, just click on the title of this entry...

Physical exercise effects on the brain is an interesting subject in general but even more so when it comes to the American culture. A culture that seems to be caught in a perpetual ambivalence between two extremes: the fitness obsession on one hand and "the forget how to walk as you can always drive instead" culture. In other cultures a daily dose of physical exercise in embedded in the daily routine of walking places (work, grocery stores, etc.), talking the stairs up and down, going up and down steep streets, running after the bus or metro etc. In the US that is rarely the case. And then is it really a surprise when we find out the obesity and metabolic problems are endemic? These, as we are now learning, are not stand alone problems, but come with a plethora of other issues: last but not least a not so great prognosis for a brain that is drowning in fats and sugars.

Looking forward to comments on the post.

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